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Which is better? FaceTime Vs ooVoo

Video calling has become pretty commonplace these days. Almost all the mainstream instant messaging services have integrated the video calling feature to their app. Whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Skype or ooVoo, there are plenty of picks for the users. Over the last few years, many new video calling services have emerged. Skype was once the predominant service for this purpose. Today, there are plenty. While having multiple choices is wonderful, it may also lave the users baffled at times. Every app claims to be better than the other and thus making a choice becomes a little difficult. 

You must have heard of FaceTime, which is a video calling service baked into the iOS devices. If you have an iPhone, iPad or any other supported device with FaceTime, you could make video calls to the others who also have FaceTime. ooVoo is also a video calling, messaging app, which is emerged as one of the leading services only very recently (although it has been around for nearly a decade now). Click Here if you are interested in facetime.

If you wish to make video calls and wondering which one of the two would be better, we would like to make the choice simpler for you. In this article, we lay out the differences and similarities between the two popular video calling applications. By the end of the article, we are hoping you will be able to make a clear choice. 

Cross Platform Compatibility

Multiplatform support is one of the important points to consider while choosing a video calling application. FaceTime is exclusive to the iOS devices. If you wish to make video calls to your friend or family member who is also using an iOS device, you can use FaceTime. Since this app is built into the iOS firmware, and is designed by Apple itself, it maximizes the potential of the platform and provides near error free experience. However, if you intend to video call someone who does not have iOS, you cannot use FaceTime. In this case, ooVoo will be a clear choice. ooVoo is a cross-platform video calling app available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. So, yes, your choice largely depends upon the device you wish to make the video call to.

Video and Audio Clarity

All the mainstream video calling apps have evolved in a dramatic fashion over the last years. The developers and designers of these apps use the most advanced technologies for better quality. This is why when it comes to the video and call quality there may not be much to choose from between the two. Especially if you are someone who has to make only occasional video calls, you can pick any of the two. But, there is something you would like to know. We have used both ooVoo and FaceTime extensively on the iOS platform. We did notice some latency issues with ooVoo. However, they were far and few. So, unless you are totally fastidious about little lapses here and there, you should be okay with both. That said we would also like to say that somehow FaceTime appears to us as more smooth in operation.  That, probably, could be out of bias. So, test both the apps over several calls and be the judge yourself.

Use and Popularity

This is another factor you would like to take into account. Whether it is FaceTime, ooVoo or any other video calling service, you could make the video call using an app only to someone who is also using that app. While you may choose ooVoo over FaceTime, the other user may not have this service. So, you will first need to ask them to install it and sign up for the service before you can make a video contact with them. Sounds like a long shot? Thats because it is. There is no denying that FaceTime is more popular than ooVoo and thus if you are trying to connect to someone also using iOS, you have higher chances of landing a FaceTime call than an ooVoo one. If you plan to make a cross platform video call, again ooVoo may still not be a great choice. There are way more users with WhatsApp and Messenger than ooVoo. 

We dont mean to discount ooVoo in any sense. In fact, it is a great app with great features. But, it is relatively less popular than the others. However, there are segments of people who would choose ooVoo over any other such service owing to the funky and cool features it offers. For instance, ooVoo is very popular among the teenagers.

Group Calling

Want to video call more than one friend at a time? Well, if thats what you want, we have a very clear winner here  ooVoo. Yes, ooVoo lets you connect to multiple people and make a group video call. You can have not one, not two, but up to 12 people connected to the call at any given time. This is the feature almost no other service offers at this time. With FaceTime you can only make one-to-one calls. There are speculations that iOS 11 may introduce group calling to FaceTime, but we dont know anything for certain. 

Interface and ease of use

One of the biggest reasons why Apple products are such a success worldwide is that it tries to make things as simple as possible for the users and FaceTime is no exception. It is just so easy to start a video call with FaceTime. You open the app, select a contact, and thats it! Your video call has started. It has a clean, minimal interface and offers incredible ease of use. ooVoo is not exactly a complicated or fussy app, but it is definitely not as smooth as FaceTime. ooVoo has a well laid out interface, with elements properly organized, and with as little clutter as possible. But, honestly, in comparison to FaceTime, it doesnt stand very near in sight. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this write-up. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.  


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