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How to Move Apps to SD Card in OnePlus X

Move to Apps to SD card in OnePlus X: The ability to move Android apps from the Phone memory to SD card is a handy and a very useful feature for the users who have a very limited amount of internal storage. The ability to Android apps installed on your phone to SD card was introduced with the release of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. However, with the OnePlus X did not have this option upon the release.


OnePlus X was launched by the company as a mid-range smartphone with an aggressive price tag. The phone was well received by the Android smartphone users along with the mixed reviews. Nevertheless, the OnePlus X was released with the Android-based OxygenOS V2.1.2 and now is being updated to the latest version of OxygenOS 2.1.3 update.

Upon the release, the OnePlus X was missing the ability to move apps phone to SD card. However, now with the new update OnePlus X owners will be able to move apps to SD card with a few taps. If you don’t know how to move apps to SD in OnePlus X, then the steps given below will help you.

Move Apps to SD Card in OnePlus X

Step 1: Begin with opening Settings menu in OnePlus X.

Step 2: Go to About Phone and check for the latest available update on your phone. If you have already updated to the OxygenOS 2.1.3, then you should be able to move apps to SD card.

Step 3: Go to Settings and open the Application Manager.

Step 4: Tap on the app that you would like to move to SD card.

Step 5: In the “App info”, ┬átap on the Move to Phone button.

Step 6: If you see “Application moved to Sd card. This can lead to unexpected behaviour; please unmount before ejecting SD tray”, that means your app has been successfully moved to the SD card.

This way you can move large games apps to SD card from phone’s internal memory in OnePlus X.


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