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Best Fiber Broadband (High Speed) Internet Service Provider in India

India is yet to get proper broadband connectivity all over the country and except BSNL, no other ISP provider offers high-speed broadband services pan India. In that also, BSNL is never among the top ISP providers offering high-speed internet plans at affordable prices. So, which is the best high-speed broadband ISP in India? We find out in this article.

Note: This article may not necessarily only cover Fiber broadband service providers in India, but high-speed internet service provider in India in general. And in most of the cases, the fastest internet provider offers Fiber broadband connectivity instead of cable broadband.

Jio GiagFiber

  • Top Speed – 1 Gbps
  • Pan India? Yes.

To put things into perspective, Jio GigaFiber will change the high-speed broadband scenario in India for the better. Jio GigaFiber will be officially launched in India for the public on August 2018, and in comparison to other Internet Service Providers, Jio will be initially available in almost 1100 cities across India covering almost all parts of India.

According to a website, Jio GigaFiber broadband,  is a high-speed Fiber broadband internet service claiming to offer blazing fast speed up to 1 Gbps for as low as Rs 2000 (expected). Minimum of 100 Mbps plans are expected to be launched initially.

So, if you can wait for a few days, then wait for Jio GigaFiber launch and then decide by comparing the Jio GigaFiber with other Broadband services.

ACT Fibernet

  • Top Speed – 1 Gbps
  • Pan India? No, selected Cities only.

The ACT broadband is one of the most popular internet service provider in India with its 100Mbps plan for Rs 1159 with 350 GB of data. Act Fibernet also offers 150Mbps and 1 Gbps speed with 800 GB and 2500 GB of data for a month. The high-speed plans cost Rs 1999 and Rs 5999 respectively. The only downside is that the ACT Fibernet is only available in the metro cities and does not offer pan India service.

All the plans get the speed throttled to 1 Mbps post FUP with unlimited data. Also, the plans differ from city to city. The above-mentioned plans are for Bangalore, while the Act Fibenet Hyderabad plans are even better.

Available Cities – ACT Fibernet is available in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and few other cities.

Airtel High-Speed Broadband Internet

  • Top Speed – 300 Mbps
  • Pan India? No, Select cities only.

Bharti Airtel is one of the largest mobile network service provider in India, but when it comes to the internet service, they are yet to launch their services pan India. However, for those living in Airtel’s service area, the company has introduced new plans to tackle Jio GigaFiber before its launch.

For Chandigarh users, Airtel offers one of the best high-speed internet plans. People from the city can get the highest plan of 300 Mbps with 1200 GB data cap for Rs 2199 and the minimum plans start at Rs 799 offering 40 Mbps of speed and 100 GB of monthly data.

In addition, the Airtel Internet broadband users will also get free Amazon Prime Subscription ( subjected to the availability and validity of the offer).

You Broadband

  • High Speed – 200 Mbps
  • Pan India? No, Select Cities Only.

You Broadband offers a blazing fast speed up to 200 Mbps on the highest plan for Rs 1947 with 400 GB of high-speed data and after FUP, 5Mbps of unlimited data. Along with home broadband, the company also offers its services to the corporate places as well.

When compared with other networks, some of the users preferred ACT Fibernet over You broadband for consistency and uptime. However, we would love to know your experience from You Broadband or your current broadband provider in the comments below.

Hathway Broadband

  • Top Speed – 50 Mbps
  • Pan India? No. Selected Cities Only.

Hathway Broadband is available in only selected states and cities in the states. Hathway Broadband offers both unlimited and high-speed plans starting at Rs 999 month. For the amount, you can get 30 Mbps to plan with unlimited data or 50 Mbps plan with 500 GB of data which gets throttled to 5 Mbps after FUP.

The prices mentioned above are for Bangalore; you can check if the service is available in your city from the Hathway website.

Tikona Broadband

  • Top Speed – 25 Mbps
  • Pan India? No. Selected Cities only.

Tikona Broadband offers cheaper plans beginning with 6 Mbps and goes up to 25 Mbps. The high-speed plan of 25Mbps comes with 700 GB of data and costs Rs 1099.

Tikona also has low-speed 6 Mbps plans starting at Rs 699 with unlimited data, and if you buy for more than three months, the price starts to become even cheaper across the plans.

DEN Broadband

  • Top Speed – 100 Mbps 
  • Pan India? No. Only select cities.

DEN Broadband is available in the northern cities of India and we don’t know when the company is planning to launch the service pan India. The company offers up to 100 Mbps high-speed internet for Rs 933 per month with 800 GB of bandwidth.

The lowest plans cost Rs 666 and offer 10 Mbps speed and 250 GB of data for a month. If you live in New Delhi, Kanpur, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Yamunagar and other nearby cities, DEN Broadband offers the best value for money high-speed broadband connection in India.


There are other service providers than the one mentioned above, but we have only listed the best high-speed internet service providers in India with the best plans that offer value for money.

Other internet service providers like Reliance, Jetspot Fiber, Asianet, Spectranet, Den Boomband, MTNL, BSNL offer plans up to 100 Mbps but costs up to Rs 5000 in monthly charges.


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